About us


Think Tank Charitable Trust agreed a new vision and focus for our funding in 2016:

A socially cohesive Aotearoa New Zealand where:

  • Te Ao Māori is strong and vibrant
  • The central place of Te Ao Māori in Aotearoa is understood and supported by all
  • We all feel confident and respected in our own cultures and heritage

Funding processes

Because we are a small, voluntary family charitable trust, we don’t have funding rounds and cut-off dates, however you are welcome to contact us if you are involved in an initiative that is a strong fit to the goals above as we can generally give you a steer over the phone on whether we might be able to help.

After these initial conversations we invite a short and simple application; often this is simply a letter.   Our trustees then discuss the application and we usually talk to other people about your idea.  This is because we want to be sure that the funding we provide has the full support of the community involved and we don’t want to accidentally fail the “first do no harm” test.   We are also considering how we can move towards participatory philanthropy, where funding decisions are made collaboratively with the communities served.

Because we are a small trust we are only able to give a small number of grants each year.   Our grant budget for 2017 – 2018 is approximately $80,000 and our grants generally range from $1,000 to $20,000.

People and History

Our trustees are Kate Frykberg, Dave Moskovitz, Pekaira Rae (Te Āti Awa) and Seumas Fantham (Ngāti Porou).  Our previous trustee, until early 2017, was Jenny Gill; thanks Jenny for your guidance.

The running of the trust is done on a voluntary basis, mostly by Kate.  Trustees do not receive fees, although in recognition of the time involved, each trustee may allocate one donation of $1,000 per year to a charitable cause of their choosing.

Think Tank Charitable Trust was set up in 2004 by Kate and Dave following the sale of their Internet development company.  We are slowly spending down the available funds.

Other Information

You can review organisations we have funded and financial statements and other statutory information is available on the Charities Services register.  For more information, please contact us.